Dr. Michael Murphy MB, BS, Pharm B.Sc (Hons)

Clinical Director, CannaPlus+

Bruce Fraser

Team Leader, Process Engineering Group, Callaghan Innovation

Dr Michael Murphy

Clinical Director, CannaPlus+

Dr Florian Graichen

GM – Forests to Biobased products, Scion

Brooke van Velden

List Member, ACT Party

Sam Dallas

Analytical Technology Technician, Hill Laboratories


Chief Medical Officer, CannaPlus+

Dr Emma Bermingham

Science Objective Leader Added Value Foods & Bio-based Products, AgResearch

Martin A Lee

Director, Project CBD

Steve Tallon

Team Leader, Process Engineering Group, Callaghan Innovation

James Yu

Charge pharmacist and Co-Owner , Ngā Hua Pharmacy

Dr Dottie Clower

Chief Scientific Officer, Puro

Zoë Reece

Founder and CEO, Ora Pharm

Eva Neshat

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Elysian Pharmaceuticals & CannaPlus+

David Downs

Chief Executive Officer, New Zealand Story

Dr Rick Acland MBChB, FAFRM (RACP)

Director, Burwood & Helius Therapeutics

Dr Stephen Glazer M.D, FRCPC, FCCP, Internist

Chief Medical Officer, CannaPlus+

Hon. Andrew Little

Minister of Health, Labour Party

Imche Fourie

Co-Founder & CEO, Outset Ventures

Kristen Lunman

Co-Founder and GM, Hatch

Graham Gulbransen

Cannabis Consultant, Addiction Specialist, General Practitioner, Cannabis Care

Anna Yallop

General Manager, Bioresource Processing Alliance

Associate Professor Jonathan Arnold

Deputy Academic Director, Sydney Pharmacy School Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Andrew Cameron

Principal Consultant, Callaghan Innovation

Richard Keene

Principal, KMSL

Simon Yarrow

Group Manager, Agrifood, Callaghan Innovation

Melissa Clark-Reynolds

Futurist, futurecentre.nz

Elizabeth Plant

Chief Medical Officer, Eqalis

Kai Keli’iho’omalu

Cultivation Manager, Helius Therapeutics

Dr Anna Campbell

Consultant, AbacusBio

Andrew Patterson

Business Commentator

Mitch Cuevas

Pharmaceutical Director, Eqalis

Peter Crock

Chief Executive Officer, Cann Group

Bonni Goldstein

Medical Director, Canna Centers Wellness & Education

Katy Thomas

TV Presenter. Editor. Mother And Overnight Influencer

Dr Dave Hepburn

Medical Advisor, CloudForest Peru

Dr. Adele Hosseini, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Bod Australia

Tom Forrest

Cultivation Director, Puro

Lionel Marks de Chabris

MD Chief Medical Officer, ZYUS Life Sciences

Dr Mark Hotu

Clinical Director, Green Doctors Medicinal Cannabis Clinic

Dr Zahra Champion

Executive Director, BioTechNZ

Dr Richard Newcomb, PhD

Chief Scientist, Plant & Food Research

Dr Stefan Hill

Portfolio Leader for High-Value Biorefineries, Scion

Andrea Eng

Manager of Regulatory Practice & Analysis, Medicinal Cannabis Agency, Ministry of Health

Ali Seyfoddin

Associate Professor of Drug Delivery and Biological Engineering Deputy Head of School, School of Science, Auckland University of Technology

Carmen Doran

Chief Executive Officer, Helius Therapeutics

Mark Lucas

Chief Executive Officer, Cannasouth

Tim Aldridge

Managing Director, Puro