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Kristen Lunman

Co-Founder and GM,

Working as a senior leader for several years both in New Zealand and overseas, Kristen has made a name for herself in New Zealand’s start-up ecosystem. As GM of Hatch, Kristen challenged the status quo by opening up the US share markets to all New Zealanders with a modern investing platform. She’s a firm believer that technology should simplify our financial lives and help us be better with our money. With Hatch, every Kiwi has the same access to the tools, knowledge, and opportunities to take control of their wealth. Their mission remains to transform Kiwis from passive financial participants into active participants; engaged in growing their serious wealth to meet their ambitious lifestyle goals. In 2018 Kristen Lunman was nominated for the Women of Influence Innovator of the Year award. When she’s not busy raising children, surfing and disrupting, you’ll find Kristen volunteering her time to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Day 1 - Industry Summit - 10 February

Time Industry Stream

• Types of investment
• Trends
• Future of investments

Kristen Lunman 
Co-Founder and GM, Hatch

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