2022 Sponsors

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in being a sponsor of MedCan Summit 2023.

Foundation sponsor

Helius Therapeutics

Helius Therapeutics is a New Zealand-based biotechnology company, unleashing the extraordinary potential of cannabis to improve quality of life. The company has a bold vision: to create the most efficacious and safe cannabis medicines in the world.

Researchers at Helius are exploring the vast potential of cannabinoids in treating pain, sleep, anxiety and other chronic conditions. Future targets will extend beyond symptom relief into disease modification, particularly in the treatment of inflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions.

As the country’s largest, vertically-integrated medical cannabis business, Helius is developing state-of-the-art, GMP-certified facilities in Auckland encompassing a large-scale cultivation centre, an integrated extraction site, advanced cannabinoid research laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

Gold Sponsor


Eqalis is a leading medicinal cannabis company from the Bay of Plenty focused on improving quality of life for all New Zealanders by providing effective cannabis-derived medicines and wellness products that are both accessible and affordable.

With a focus on educating and informing New Zealanders and prescribers about the therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis, Eqalis aim to provide a safe and natural alternative for those suffering chronic pain.

Ensuring cannabis medicines are accessible and affordable is essential for improving the quality of life to the one in six Kiwis who currently live with chronic pain.

Silver Sponsor



CannaPlus+ – New Zealand’s first internationally affiliated medicinal cannabis clinic, network and telemedicine platform – was founded on one guiding purpose: 

“To improve the lives of New Zealanders, empowering them to live an optimal, healthier life with access to quality, affordable medicinal cannabis”.

From stigma to education to access, CannaPlus+ is challenging the status quo by educating both health professionals and patients alike about the uses and health benefits of medicinal cannabis.

Backed by a strong board of medical experts, CannaPlus+ provides Kiwis with safe, research-based, legal and affordable access to consistent, high-quality medicinal cannabis treatment.