MedCan Summit Speaker

Anna Yallop

General Manager,
Bioresource Processing Alliance

Anna is the General Manager of the Bioresource Processing Alliance, an R&D programme creating high-value products from biological by-products from the primary sector. Anna is also the General Manager of Seafood Innovations Ltd, a research and development programme co-funded by the seafood industry and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in order to add value to the seafood sector.  Anna is/has been a Director on two other innovation R&D programmes in the primary sector, she has spent over 16 years as a conduit between industry and the science system, including as a Technology Scout and technology transfer facilitator for Bayer New Zealand.  Anna established, ran and subsequently sold her own manufacturing business in 2010.

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Day 1 - Industry Summit - 10 February

Time Industry Stream

This presentation will highlight the commercial potential for medicinal cannabis or hemp beyond its primary use by taking a ‘whole of resource’ approach. It will outline how the Bioresource Processing Alliance and research providers can help industry partners identify high-value opportunities from low-value biological resources.

Andrew Cameron 
Principal Consultant, Callaghan Innovation
Anna Yallop 
General Manager, Bioresource Processing Alliance

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