MedCan Summit Speaker

Eva Neshat

Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Elysian Pharmaceuticals & CannaPlus+

Eva Neshat, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Elysian Group (Elysian Pharmaceuticals and CannaPlus+, AU/NZ) is an international advocate and investor within the medicinal cannabis industry.

The Elysian Group established Elysian Pharmaceuticals and CannaPlus+ with the mission to facilitate growth in patient education and consumer access throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Elysian Pharmaceuticals is poised to become a leading supplier of premium, prescription-grade medicinal cannabis products throughout Australasia, democratising access to better health solutions for all.

The Elysian Group has partnered with international industry leaders in medicinal cannabis patient care with the aim of bringing this knowledge and experience to market under New Zealand's first internationally affiliated medicinal cannabis clinic network, CannaPlus+ .

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Day 1 - Industry Summit - 10 February

Time Industry Stream
Carmen Doran 
Chief Executive Officer, Helius Therapeutics
Eva Neshat 
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Elysian Pharmaceuticals & CannaPlus+
Zoë Reece 
Founder and CEO, Ora Pharm
Dr Dottie Clower 
Chief Scientific Officer, Puro

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