MedCan Summit Speaker

Dr Stephen Glazer M.D, FRCPC, FCCP, Internist

Chief Medical Officer,

Dr Glazer is the Chief Medical Officer at CannaWay Clinic, Canada. Dr Glazer is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine and Obesity Medicine, and a specialist in Sleep Disorders.

He is a member of the Ontario Bariatric Network and serves as President of the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons. He is responsible for education and research at CannaWay Clinic, is a key advisor to the CannaPlus+ Board in Australasia and will be integral to the launch of CannaPlus+, Australia & New Zealand.

All Sessions by Dr Stephen Glazer M.D, FRCPC, FCCP, Internist

Healthcare Professionals Forum - 11 February

Time Plenary

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