Last chance to attend MedCan 2022

It feels like it has been a long time coming so we are very excited that MedCan 2022 kicks off tomorrow! While the event is virtual for attendees, we are fortunate that we will be able to run our MedCan 2022 broadcast in-person from a studio at AUT

There is still time to register to attend. Use the code MCAN10 before midnight tonight to get a 10% discount.

If you want to join the Summit while it is underway on Thursday or Friday, please email so we can give you access to the virtual event platform.  

If you are interested in attending but can’t make it tomorrow or Friday, it is still worthwhile buying a ticket as all content will be available to registered delegates to access on-demand for 30 days.
Earn prizes for utilizing our virtual event platform

MedCan Summit 2022 will be run on a virtual event platform which is so much more than just a place to watch the presentations. The platform enables attendees to access on-demand content, engage with the Summit speakers through questions and polls, join the roundtables, view the exhibition virtually and book one-on-one meetings with other attendees and sponsors.

To encourage you to make the most of the platform, we have prizes up for grabs for those who engage with the platform the most. The attendee who accrues the most points will get their choice of an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet!

If you have registered to attend you would have received an email with the details on how to access our virtual event platform. If you have not received this email, please let us know.
Programme highlights

As so much of the medicinal cannabis industry in New Zealand is set out by the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, MedCan 2022 will give you the valuable opportunity to hear directly from the regulators. The Minister of Health, Hon Andrew Little will address MedCan 2022 on the first day of the Summit.  Later in the day, Andrea Eng from the Ministry of Health will give an update on the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, looking at New Zealand’s current roadblocks and opportunities, as well as regulation changes. You will have the opportunity to join a roundtable with Andrea to ask any burning questions. 

MedCan 2022 will shine the spotlight on women in significant leadership roles in the industry. Helius Therapeutics’ CEO  Carmen Doran will lead a discussion with Eva Neshat, Founder and CEO, Elysian Pharmaceuticals and CannaPlus+Zoe Reece, Founder and CEO of Ora Pharm; and Dr Dottie Clower, Chief Scientific Officer of Puro.

In the industry stream, Kristen Lunman, co-founder and GM of Hatch, will speak about investing in the future of the medicinal cannabis industry. 

Dr Anna Campbell, Consultant at AbacusBio will address the science stream with a presentation on the opportunity to run an internationally competitive structured plant breeding programme for New Zealand.  

Attendees will also be able to access the on-demand international keynote from Dr Dave Hepburn, MD, who will tackle the unfair stigma attached to cannabis from an angle of entertainment and light heartedness.  

We can’t wait to see you at MedCan 2022!

Medincinal Cannabis News

No one grows like Puro

Puro is New Zealand’s largest grower of medical cannabis and one of the world’s biggest large-scale organic growers.

Puro is now into its second growing season at Kēkerengū, with 10 hectares of high-grade CBD, CBG, and lower-grade THC medical cannabis crops due to be harvested in March/April 2022. Puro’s first harvest in 2021 resulted in 25 tonnes of wet material dried and processed in our on-site drying facility – the largest medical cannabis drying facility in New Zealand.

MedCan attendees will have the chance to see several of the Puro team in action, with  Managing Director Tim Aldridge taking part in the panel discussion on the industry’s challenges and opportunities, Chief Scientific Officer Dr Dottie Clower participating in a panel discussion on women in the industry, and Cultivation Director and co-founder Tom Forrest providing the closing keynote.

Read more about Puro here

The real faces of medicinal cannabis in Aotearoa

Over the last 18 months, Kiwis suffering from chronic pain, and some other chronic conditions, have had a healthy alternative treatment in the form of medicinal cannabis.

These products are prescribed like any regular medicine, following a full assessment by a GP to understand what the underlying conditions are, what the patient’s diagnosis should be, and whether the treatment should be CBD or a THC/CBD combination.

It’s easy to get caught up in the industry jargon and legislative nitty-gritty when talking about the budding medicinal cannabis sector in New Zealand. But we shouldn’t lose sight of why we’re in this business: alleviating the severity of patient conditions. Here are three stories from patients who have taken Eqalis medicinal cannabis products for various conditions.