Dr. Michael Murphy MB, BS, Pharm B.Sc (Hons)

Dr Michael Murphy graduated in both Medicine and Pharmacology at University College London. He came to New Zealand to train in adult and paediatric emergency medicine, developing interests in the field of toxicology, as well as becoming an investigator for clinical trials in New Zealand.
Over the past 20 years, he has encountered patients with a broad range of clinical conditions in his daily clinical practice and has kept up-to-date with the advances in medical understanding and therapies.

Dr Murphy is a passionate advocate of patient care. He believes that medicinal cannabis can provide a safe and effective adjunct for those whose medical care and well-being has not been fully met by primary or hospital-level care medicine.

Sam Dallas

Sam Dallas has been part of the research and development group at Hill Laboratories for four years. He initially worked on honey testing methods before moving into developing cannabinoid and hemp test methods. Sam now has technical and quality control oversight over the operational teams running these methods. He continues to work on improvements to our cannabis test methods as well as development in other areas of the business.


Dr Afraz Adam has a wide breadth of experience across multiple disciplines in medicine and has treated patients across Australasia over the past many years. He is a Fellow in Urgent Care and has experience across hospital medicine, emergency rooms and accident and medical clinics. Dr Adam spent 10 years as an Urgent Care Physician at the White Cross clinics in Auckland. He held the position of Clinical Director at the Ponsonby White Cross Urgent Care for 5 years.

Dr Adam was one of the pioneering doctors at the Waikato DHB TeleHealth service. He has also been an integral member of the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care as part of their Executive Committee and it’s Director of Professional Development in 2019. Dr Adam is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Doctor 360 in Ponsonby, a subspeciality clinic where he pursues his interests in Men’s Health, Medicinal Cannabis, Hormone Replacement, Gut Health, Fatigue and Stress management. He is also the lead clinician at the Edison Clinic where he helps improve patients well being via genetics, sleep optimisation and preventive health measures.

Dr Adam is an advocate of Medicinal cannabis and believes that Medicinal cannabis has the potential to improve patients lives significantly through relief of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, inflammation, diabetes control, alcoholism and much more. Dr Adam promotes a holistic approach to medicine and believes that sound nutritional health, mental fortitude, exercise and evidence based supplements are the solution to modern day health issues affecting our society.

Dr Emma Bermingham

Dr Emma Bermingham leads the Added Value Foods & Bio-based Products Science Objective at AgResearch. This portfolio looks to create safe food and bio-based products with optimised nutritional, sensory and performance attributes. It aims to help capture value through provenance and credible health and wellness attributes.
Emma’s research focus is on the role of food and ingredients on pet nutrition and intestinal health. She has undertaken both fundamental and applied research programmes for pet food companies both nationally and internationally.