SETEK is launching the new #insun branded grow light range.

SETEK is launching the new #insun branded grow light range. #insun grow lights encompass a range of New Zealand designed and built lighting solutions that serve as artificial sunlight for year-round growing of your favourite vegetables, herbs, micro-greens, and flowers indoors.

The benchtop sized Herb Gardens 450 & 850 are aimed at the health and wellness conscious home gardener, and suit growing plants such as basil or chilies on the kitchen counter, fresh and ready for use. The frames are laser cut from attractive high-quality plywood, come as an easy assembly flat-pack kit, and would look great in any modern kitchen.

Lights included are #insun PROPA 60 or PROPA 80 models using high-end SAMSUNG horticultural LEDs with an attractive 3500k full spectrum daylight colour. These 60W and 80W light models are also available separately for growers who need a suitable light for cultivating seedlings, cuttings, and small plants.

QUADRA 200 is a 200W contemporary grow light for the keen indoor gardener who wants to grow a garden in a space they have set up for plants. This light system also uses SAMSUNG LEDs in 3500k spectrum and is ideal for all stages of the plant life cycle.

High efficiency operation and light output means this light outperforms and replaces ancient and inefficient 400W HID lighting, with better quality light for plant growth and without the fire risk created by the extreme heat of HID lighting.

Multiple QUADRA 200s are recommended to fill the grow area with LEDs and achieve full canopy coverage and max PPFD; generating bigger, healthier, and higher yielding crops than ever.

MODULA 300 is a 300W max commercial and enthusiast grade multi-channel modular grow light. It employs the latest Bluetooth mesh networking system for colour adjustment and dimming from your smartphone.

Rich in functionality, this smart light enables adjustment between warm, cool, and infrared colour channels including light scheduling, giving experienced growers the tools to control the way their plants develop in response to the light.

An independent infrared colour channel adds the synergistic benefits of Emerson effect for increased photosynthesis, and control of phytochrome signaling to rapidly initiate flowering.

Balanced, warm shift and cold shift modes all run the light at an optimal 240W, with the option to switch off either main channel completely to run max warm or cold spectra alone at 160W. If the grower needs the extra juice, the light can be run at a max output of 300W.

The modular design allows for easy plug & play so the grower can quickly swap light engines. This extends the light’s life cycle as LED technology advances and more light engines are developed.

The included SEASON light engines use high CRI NICHIA and CREE LEDs achieving a fuller spectrum closer to natural sunlight, rich in near-UV and red, leading to better plant development and more potent harvests.

#insun have additional lighting models in the development pipeline, including accessory lights to upgrade and boost existing home garden setups. #insun’s range of grow lights meet growers’ needs for indoor cultivation of plants of all typical shapes and sizes, whether for home enhancement, hobby gardener use or full-scale commercial plant production.

All #insun grow light products will be safe and electrically certified for sale in New Zealand, unlike a lot of the potentially risky imported cheap products currently flooding the market.