CannaPlus+: the medicinal cannabis clinic breaking barriers to improve quality of life.

Dedicated to improving both health and lifestyle, CannaPlus+ empowers everyday Kiwis to live optimal lives through access to quality, affordable medicinal cannabis. 

The clinic itself is conveniently located in the heart of Ponsonby, and CannaPlus+ proudly bears the mantle of being New Zealand’s first internationally affiliated medical cannabis network and telemedicine platform. 

From stigma to education to access, CannaPlus+ is challenging the status quo by educating both health professionals and patients alike about the uses and health benefits of medicinal cannabis, dedicated to assisting New Zealanders to get the help they need.

Personalised treatment programmes supplied by a team of specialist doctors, ensure patients have access to the best treatment options available.

But it doesn’t stop there. Central to the CannaPlus+ ethos is the understanding that a holistic view of this emerging industry is critical; achieved not only by empowering their patients but also by educating other healthcare practitioners. 

Backed by a strong board of medical experts, CannaPlus+ provides Kiwis with safe, research-based, legal and affordable access to consistent, high-quality medicinal cannabis treatment. 

CannaPlus+ launches officially in New Zealand early next year. 

CannaPlus+ is proud to be a silver sponsor of MedCan 2022.