2021 MedCan Speaker

Dr Trevor Stuthridge

Research Director,

Dr Trevor Stuthridge joined AgResearch as Research Director in May 2019, where he leads its overall science engine with a focus on science and innovation strategy; building a culture of innovation excellence; bringing together national/international collaborations; and implementing transformative scientific & infrastructural projects that meet the rapidly changing future science needs of the New Zealand and global agricultural sectors.

He has served as Chair/Director for >10 Boards and as strategic advisor for 12 industry/academic research consortia since 2010.

He is also an Adjunct Professor at University of British Columbia and ‎University of Toronto.

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Day 2 - Industry Summit

Time Plenary
  • Explaining the work currently being undertaken by Crown Research Institutes in the medicinal cannabis space
  • Advocating for the industry – a spotlight on the work taking place here

Dr Trevor Stuthridge 
Research Director, AgResearch
Dr Stefan Hill 
Portfolio Leader for High-Value Biorefineries, Scion
Dr Richard Newcomb, PhD 
Chief Scientist, Plant & Food Research

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