Industry Summit

The MedCan 2022 Industry Summit will help local companies accelerate their path to market through valuable insights into exporting, innovation and education. Industry experts will be presenting the latest scientific findings and breakthrough technologies and exploring the current challenges and opportunities around the likes of cultivating, manufacturing, New Zealand regulations, export, clinical trials, prescription and investment.  

Day 1 – Industry Summit – 10 February

Andrew Patterson Business Commentator
Carmen Doran Chief Executive Officer, Helius Therapeutics
Eva Neshat Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Elysian Pharmaceuticals & CannaPlus+
Zoë Reece Founder and CEO, Ora Pharm
Dr Dottie Clower Chief Scientific Officer, Puro

• Types of investment
• Trends
• Future of investments

Kristen Lunman Co-Founder and GM, Hatch

This presentation will highlight the commercial potential for medicinal cannabis or hemp beyond its primary use by taking a ‘whole of resource’ approach. It will outline how the Bioresource Processing Alliance and research providers can help industry partners identify high-value opportunities from low-value biological resources.

Andrew Cameron Principal Consultant, Callaghan Innovation
Anna Yallop General Manager, Bioresource Processing Alliance