Industry Summit

The MedCan 2022 Industry Summit will help local companies accelerate their path to market through valuable insights into exporting, innovation and education. Industry experts will be presenting the latest scientific findings and breakthrough technologies and exploring the current challenges and opportunities around the likes of cultivating, manufacturing, New Zealand regulations, export, clinical trials, prescription and investment.  

Day 1 – Industry Summit – 10 February

Associate Professor Jonathan Arnold Deputy Academic Director, Sydney Pharmacy School Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics

• New Zealand gene bank
• different genetic technologies
• development of unique plants to those grown internationally
• Which traits to select- from disease resistance to cannabinoid profiles
• role of data management in a well-run breeding programme

Dr Anna Campbell Consultant, AbacusBio
  • Highlighting the different services available in cannabis testing in New Zealand
    • How does New Zealand rank globally on testing?
  • Providing a global view – what are the trends we are seeing in cannabis testing around the world?
  • Any key learnings for New Zealand to implement?


  • Making the business case for commercialising medicinal cannabis whilst adhering to the regulations – how can this be achieved effectively?
  •  Understanding methodological innovations required when undertaking Research on cannabis

Dr. Adele Hosseini, PhD Chief Scientific Officer, Bod Australia
Dr Rachel Galettis Clinical Trial Manager, Australian Centre for Cannabinoid Clinical and Research Excellence (ACRE)