• Types of investment
• Trends
• Future of investments

  • A glimpse into the journey of bringing a product in the market
  • The challenges and barriers faced in making this a reality
  • Specific challenges tackling different regulatory systems around the world
  • Breaking barriers in product to market strategies – what are the learnings?
  • The way forward

This presentation will highlight the commercial potential for medicinal cannabis or hemp beyond its primary use by taking a ‘whole of resource’ approach. It will outline how the Bioresource Processing Alliance and research providers can help industry partners identify high-value opportunities from low-value biological resources.

This panel showcases some key players in New Zealand’s primary industries and how they are harnessing their brand story and aligning it with New Zealand’s story. This panel will shed light on the value chain opportunity and how medicinal cannabis can follow suit.
● Using New Zealand’s clean green image, in the local medicinal cannabis industry – how can we leverage this for our value chain?
● Coming together and collaborating to advocate for the industry – what is the opportunity here?